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established in 1847 (during the "Edo" or "Tokugawa" Era).
Japanese green teas ,Kyoto-Yanoen co.,Ltd.

Uji, in Japans's ancient capital Kyoto is the home of Japanese green tea. In 1738, Souen nagatani of Uji-Tawara developed a way of proccesing tea known as " the Uji manufacturing meshod" .
Please take this opportunity to find out more about kyoto and Japanese green tea.

It has been the sincerest wish of our company ever since its foundation to make high quality green tea available to everyone, wherever they may be .

Thanks to some of our overseas customers.

The wining
We are please to announce that during the Tokyo Competitive Exhibition of High Quality Tea held on July 18th 1996 that the tea entered by our company was able to win a prize. Candidates for the exhibition were high quality teas with the best characteristics from each production region suitable for the Tokyo region's consumer market for tea,and our company was especially aware of this when entering its exhibit. Proud of this prize, we will continue to do our very best in producing high quality teas suitable for our customers' tastes.
  • 26th Tokyo Competitive Exhibition of High Quality Tea ( July 18th, 1996 )
    Miyako-no-homare: First prize
    Miyako-no-kaori: First prize ( The Japanese Tea Industry Central Committee's Chairman's Prize )
  • 16th Uji Competitive Exhibition of Tea ( November 10th, 1994 )
    The Kyoto Tea Association Competitive Exhibition, Green Tea Subdivision:
    The Minister of Agriculture, Foresteries and Fisheries' Prize


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