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Types of ocha(tea)
tea Unfermented
(Green tea)
(Japanese tea)
Gyokuro Gyokuro
Gyokuro Karigane(Kukicha,Boucha)
Gyokuro Kocha(Konacha)
Sencha Sencha
Sencha Karigane(Kukicha,Boucha)
Sencha Kocha(Konacha)
Hojicha Kyobancha
Hojicha Karigane(Kukicha,Boucha)
Tencha Matcha(Ousu)
Matcha capucino
Genmaicha Gyokuro Genmaicya
Gyokuro Karigane Genmaicha
Sencha Genmaicha
Sencha Karigane Genmaicha
Semi-fermented Oolong-tea  
Fermented Black-tea  


Gyokuro This is the best kind of green tea. When the buds are about to come out, the tea bushes are shaded and the tender leaves are nutrured. Such great care brings about a rich flavour and a mellow taste in the leaves.
Sencha Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan today. Its slight bitterness and fresh flavor are fascinationg.
Karigane(Kukicha) Karigane is made of the stems of tea. It is mild to the taste and rich in fresh aroma.
Hojicha Hojicha is roasted tea. It has a distinctive toasted scent and a refreshing taste.
Genmaicha This is a mixture of tea leaves and roasted Genmaicha(husked rice grains).We can enjoy its smoky aroma and mild taste.

Standard method for making Japanese green tea.
1)Put tea leaves in the teapot.
2)Pour hot water into the teapot over tea leves.
3)Soak awhile, then pour the tea out into teacups.
    Please don't  leave any drop of tea in a pot.

Type of tea Savings Amount of tea Temp. of hot water Volume of hot water Brewing time
Matcha 1 1.5g 80 40ml 30sec.
Gyokuro 3 10g 50 - 60 60ml 120 - 150sec.
Sencha 3 6g - 10g 70 - 90 180 - 450 ml 60 - 120sec.
Kukicha 3 10g 60 - 80 60 - 100 ml 60 - 120sec.
Konacha 3 6g 80 450ml 10sec.

This chard describes the standard method for makeing various type of tea.
But let your taste duds be your guide for making tea the way you like it.
Use a tea strainer when serving mecha or konach .


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